Braeberry Serendipity

2016 Grey Registered Fell Pony Mare
Copperbeech Casper x Greenholme Viv
FP#6308 * 13.2hh * AA, Gg, Crcr * FIS Clear

Maintaining genetic diversity within a rare breed can be challenging when the breed's gene pool is small.  Traditions held by the caretakers of a breed can sometimes pose contradictions towards that effort of keeping diversity.  Such is the case of Serendipity as she carries the genetic potential to produce a buckskin foal, a color which is not permitted in the general Fell Pony Society studbook.  Because she herself is correct in type, temperament, and genetically grey, the Fell Pony Society entered her into the regular studbook.  This is very encouraging as she only has a 25% chance of producing a buckskin foal which gives her opportunity to produce some nice grey or bay foals that can carry on her bloodlines.  Ironically, her first foal (2021), Fiddlehead Suede was indeed buckskin and we happily registered him section 'X'.  We hope her 2022 foal will be bay or grey and hold all the other lovely attributes that Suede possesses.  We thank Cheryl Dutton of Braeberry Farm entrusting Greenholme Viv's (now retired) last foal to us.

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