FiddleHead Mares

The 'bones' of the herd

Our mares mean the world to us.  Not only do they contribute 50% of the genes, but they carry and raise our young stock.  According to the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, there are less than 600 breeding Fell mares and less than 300 breeding Dales Mares in the UK.  This makes us even more appreciative of who they are.  We don't breed our mares every year, giving them opportunities to be and work with us in our training program.

Fell Pony Mares

Murthwaite Chanthal

StoneCreek Black Crystal

Greenholme Viv


DGH Eternity (Gypsy Pony)

Dales Pony Mares

Ebony Jan

Whispering Willows Piper

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