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Most likely, if you have made it this far, you have become aware of the limited availability of these breeds.  With so few mature riding ponies available, getting involved with these breeds often requires a commitment to raising young stock.  Currently, FiddleHead is one of 3 Fell pony breeders and the only Dales pony breeder in Oregon & Washington.  The Fell and Dales pony communities are very supportive, often eager to help new owners with raising and training these ponies.  FiddleHead is committed to more than just selling ponies.  To help ensure successful placement, we screen and provide educational support.  We handle, socialize, and put age appropriate training on our home-bred young stock.  Most of the trained stock we offer has been through our training program at Get Grounded Equine.

As a member of both the Fell Pony Society and the Dales Pony Society, we have good connections in both U.S. pony communities.  We encourage and support many of the other breeders and network with them to help find the right home for each pony.  If we don't have the pony for you, we may know who will.

Coming 2019 Foals!

CopperBeech Casper x Murthwaite Chanthal
CopperBeech Casper x LaurelHighland Mariah
CopperBeech Casper x Ebony Jan (will be registered part bred Dales)

Available Ponies
DakotaDales Medora
2017  Bay Section A Dales Filly
Rosebarr Gambler x WhisperingWillows Piper

Offered at $4,500


Fraises of FiddleHead (Berry)

2018 3/4 Fell pony filly

Blu Flit of FiddleHead (Appy/Fell) x StoneCreek Black Crystal (purebred Fell)

Offered at $2,800 at weaning (Nov. 2018)

Expected to mature 14.1hh and to look very Fell.  Very social and confident filly.

Sold Ponies


Braeberry Victor (Fell)

Braeberry Buffalo Bill (Fell)

FiddleHead Brooke (Fell)

FiddleHead Bass (Fell/Gypsy)

RedPrairie Major (Dales)

RedPrairie Freedom (Dales)

Mustahevonen Taisto (Fell)

FellLegend Betony (Fell)

FiddleHead Astrid (Dales)

Braeberry Bonnie Lass (Fell)

StoneCreek Fawkes Mistique (Fell)

RedPrairie Storm (Dales)

Braeberry's Tamarind (Fell/Welsh)

Braeberry Princess Eleanor (Fell)

Braeberry Isabella (Fell)

JKL Istas (Fell)

JKL Catori (Fell)

Braeberry Clarabel (Fell)

Braeberry Lydia (Fell)

Braeberry Ruby (Fell)

Stirlingridge Marguerite (Fell)

Kira Rose (Fell/Gypsy)

RedPrairie Anna Bea (Dales)

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