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The Dales pony breed has been in decline in North America.  Since roughly 2015, several NA breeders have closed their programs with only a few small scale breeders left to keep things going.  As a newer breeder wanting to better understand the bloodlines available in North America, I researched the Dales Pony Society's stud records via the online Grassroots Database. This helped to determine what bloodlines are being represented in North America.  I was able to identify 110 ponies who have contributed to the NA gene pool.  Sadly, nearly half (52) of those contributors have not produced in the last 6 years with most now being too old.  The list does include 20 prospects for breeding as indicated to me by their owners.

The first document is a list of the current NA breeding pool which was determined by ponies who have at least one DPS registered foal on record or has been indicated as a prospect to me by the owner of the pony.  The document shows 3 main lists:  ponies that have had foals since 2013 (Active), ponies that have not produced since 2013 (Non-Active) and Prospects.  Click on title to view document.  

North American Dales Pony Breeding Pool

The second document contains a collection of reverse pedigrees related to the North American breeding pool.  All 110 ponies were traced to their common ancestors and organized to see how they are related.  This document will be a helpful tool when making breeding decisions such as breeding pairs, breeding prospects, and importing new stock.

North American Dales Pony Breeding Pool Reverse Pedigrees

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