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A Look at Their Lives
Braeberry Barnabas

Senior mentor at Get Grounded Equine, 'Bing' is the first Fell pony to compete bareback sans bridle/spur at the National Mt. Trail Championships in Oregon.   Bing Page

WhisperingWillows Piper

Piper was bred by Jim and Teresa Rust in Indiana.  She is our first gray Dales pony.  A delight to work with and ride, Piper is incredibly calm and quiet.

RedPrairie Freedom

Freedom was bred by the first US Dales breeder, BloomingDales of Oregon.  After a few years of being a very nice family trail horse, he has become a permanent resident at Northwest Therapeutic Riding Center in Bellingham, WA.  NWTRC is a PATH Intl. therapy center.

FiddleHead Brooke

15 months in this picture, Brooke was our first purebred Fell to bear the FiddleHead prefix.  Brooke's story shows how a foal is raised, handled and lives at FiddleHead.

Fell/Dales Pony Foals

One of the Greatest Joys is Raising a Young Fell or Dales Pony!

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